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Homestead Dilling Company (HDC), who specializes in geotechnical and environmental drilling, is located in Fairbanks, Alaska.  HDC’s three principle drillers have between them 65 years of drilling experience.  HDC personnel have extensive knowledge of Alaskan soils and their characteristics and developed methodology in sampling, interpreting and instrument installation within these soil conditions.


HDC drilling abilities include augers, both solid flight and hollow stern with 140#, 300# and 340# hammer and SPT with 1.4” and 2.5” split spoons.  Modified shelby barrels (frozen fines) and Direct Push continuous frozen fine sampling are available along with conventional shelby sampling.  A hydraulic swing over hole automatic hammer is maintained.  In areas of high energy alluvium and other marginal auger areas, both mud and air rotary are offered.  Also, down hole hammer ability is available.  Several sizes of diamond core, both conventional and wireline is available.


Both track and truck mount rigs are maintained, with two of the truck mounts being all wheel drive.  Rigs include:


  • Acker AD II
  • Mobil 61 (3)
  • Mobil 53
  • CME 55 (2)
  • CME 45
  • Simco 2500


Remote site (bush rigs) ability include the CME 45 and the Simco 2500.  The two rigs can be transported on airplanes as small as a Casa or Sky Van.  The two CME 55’s are set up as helicopter rigs along with four outrigger helicopter base.


HDC environmental and hazardous site ability include ADEC spec monitor well construction and sparge system, with tooling ability to construct 2” and 4” wells.  An enclosed mobile decontamination truck is available.  Direct Push methodology is available to with DP pre-pack screen monitor wells, DP soil gas sampling and DP split spoon sampling.  HDC personnel are 40 Hr HAZWOPER with annual medical.  HDC is fully insured and bonded.


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